What we do

Thinking the Future


Dissemination of knowledge in economic, social and political sciences, and other key issues of contemporary debate, contributing to the deepening of the level of knowledge, of the practices of politicians, officials and scholars, to educational excellence, and to regional reflection about the great challenges of today’s world. To meet this objective, Fundación Astur organizes and supports the organization of studies, seminars, conferences or workshops with the presence of world-class figures in the selected areas. Likewise, it finances recognition awards for relevant contributions to society, as well as scholarships, nationally and internationally, in different areas of knowledge.

Old Age + Care + Active


Development of activities aimed at serving vulnerable sectors of the population, accompanying national policies in those tasks in which civil society organizations can contribute to the community, complementing political efforts. To meet this objective, Fundación Astur identifies vulnerable sectors of the Uruguayan population where their contribution can be significant, prepares projects and manages resources to finance them. Astur thus participates in improving the quality of life of the Elderly, focusing its efforts on the humanization of treatment in general and health in particular, training of caregivers and personal assistants, as well as, in activities that promote active aging and healthy.