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Intendencia de Montevideo | Municipio A - Barrio Belvedere | Municipio C - Barrio Reducto | Hogar Madre Ana | Colegio Hermanas del Perpetuo Socorro

A place for meeting, learning, solidarity and socialization.


Who is it for?

  • “The REFERENCE CENTERS FOR ACTIVE AGING – “CREA” (for their acronym in Spanish) will promote active aging through the offer of activities in different areas of interest, formats and frequency: social and cultural activities, physical and cognitive exercises, interaction with their community, short trips of tourism and specific workshops. They will improve their integration with other groups in the community, promote intergenerational participation and thus They will highlight the active role of older people and what they have to offer others. The centers will also provide advice to the families of the participants in promoting the autonomy of older people, providing them with support as they move towards moderate dependency.” (IDB, 2018)


  • General:
    Promote the quality of life of the elderly through a comprehensive active aging program with individual, family and community outreach.

  • Specifics:
    – Implement an active aging program for older adults with a modular and flexible structure,
    which includes actions related to the physical, psychological, relational and
    – Carry out a personalized follow-up of the processes of the older adults who participate in the
    – Carry out a follow-up of the group processes that are generated from the activities of the p
    – Establish a guidance and consultation service on active aging issues for users of the program, extended to the family and the community.
    – Participate in territorial and national networks linked to the subject.
    – Frame all the actions of the centre within the parameters of quality
    based on the rights approach and the quality framework for active aging.



Developed Activities

  • Some key ideas that guide the action:

  • Generate permanent modular workshops with a minimum weekly frequency.

  • Generate cross-cutting integration and socialization activities that promote healthy interaction with their peers and with the teachers / workshop leaders in charge.

  • Generate spaces for participation that contribute to the importance of taking care of one’s own body.

  • Convene recreational activities that produce the pleasure of sharing and having fun with others.

  • Generate instances of intergenerational exchange.

  • Generate instances of integration with the community.


  • Face-to-face and virtual workshops.

  • Coordination and support by those responsible for each CREA, providing each Center with a meeting space, training, entertainment, active listening, human treatment, and personalized attention.

Components and Activities

  • Development of the Care Model in the “CREA” (RCAA)

  • Pilot implementation of the CREA Care Model:

  • – 2 face-to-face CREA Centers (Belvedere and Reducto)

  • – 2 virtual CREA Centers

  • Development of activities, face-to-face and virtual, aimed at the elderly, selected by them, based on their interests and profiles:

  • Painting workshops, cooking, crafts, weaving, music, literature, health, nutrition, photography, choir, dance, among others.

  • – Physical exercises and cognitive stimulation.

  • – Meetings, celebrations, walks.

  • Work guides in ICTs and physical exercises for workshop leaders.


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