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Fundación ASTUR | Centro de Humanización de Cuidados.


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  • The decline in the birth rate and medical advances have resulted in demographic variation that is reflected in the aging of the world population. This situation is especially important in Uruguay, where the care function was historically performed by the family, and especially by women. The changes produced by family and social structures have led to the care activity being divided between the family, the State and private for-profit companies.
  • At the end of 2010, the National Comprehensive Care System was created. "Care" is defined as a social function that implies both the promotion of personal autonomy and the care and assistance to people with temporary, permanent or chronic dependency or associated with the life cycle.
  • The subject can be analyzed in two aspects, active older adults and older adults in need of care. It is about extending the number of years in activity with an acceptable quality of life and providing the necessary care for those people who cannot take care of themselves.
  • The ASTUR Foundation has focused part of its activities on the quality of care; For this, with the financing of AECID, it has resorted to the Center for Humanization of Health, with vast experience in Spain and Latin America. Through a mutual collaboration agreement, it has conducted training courses for 180 trainers for caregivers, which are the first to be held in Uruguay.
  • Later, with IDB financing, an attempt was made to reach the most disadvantaged places in Uruguay with the training courses for trainers and caregivers, with the participation and involvement of local civil society. More than 300 caregivers were hired with the National System of Care.
  • In this project and in relation to activities in old age, the tasks in sports, recreation and vegetable gardens will be concentrated.
  • Experience indicates that the Civil Society of the selected departments lacks, in many opportunities, the material resources to carry out its activity efficiently. This limitation is compensated by highly committed human resources. The project foresees that by providing some equipment (for example computers), or very specific technical assistance, the productivity and capacities of the participating Foundations can be improved.


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