Astur awords

Within the framework of the tenth anniversary of its creation, the
Astur Foundation , under the leadership of its president, Enrique V. Iglesias, and
as part of its strategic axis “Thinking the Future”, promoted
the Contest for Young Researchers “Proposals for Public Policies for Development based on Applied Knowledge ”. To this Astur initiative, aimed at fostering the generation of knowledge around thematic areas of high relevance for the country, four Academic Partners were added who
honor its strength and quality:

• Institute of Economics of the Faculty of Economic Sciences
and Administration of the University of the Republic;

• Institute of Political Science of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of the Republic;

• Department of Humanities of the Catholic University
of Uruguay;

• Faculty of Culture of the CLAEH University.

The joint work of the Foundation with its Academic Partners led to the awarding of the Astur Awards to the
winners of the Contest, governed by the bases that established the objectives, areas of specialization and requirements of content and form of the works, as well as those referred to the participation of their authors.

Based on this, the main objective was to contribute to the development of applied knowledge oriented to five thematic areas: (a) Sustainable growth, (b) Gender and inclusion, (c) Old age
and free time, (d) Citizen empowerment, and (e)
Cultural production and new technologies. The awards in the areas of specialization of Gender and Inclusion and Citizen Empowerment
were declared void.

The jury made up of Gabriela Mordecki, Adolfo Garcé,
Facundo Ponce de León, and Germán Silveira, representing
the four academic centers that support this Contest,
defined the awarding of the following prizes and mention:

Area of ​​specialization: Sustainable growth
Astur Prize 2020-21 Maximiliano Machado Goncalves “Improvements in water consumption towards a sustainable future:
less plastic, less cost and better health”

Astur 2020-21 Mention Lucas Dávila “Index of Attractiveness of Meat
Markets: A strategic tool for opening markets”

Area of ​​specialization: Old age and free time
Astur Prize 2020-21 Sofía Schurmann Vignaga “
Screening technique for dementias”.

Area of ​​specialization: Cultural production and new technologies
Astur Prize 2020-21 Joaquín Pereira “COLLABORATORY:
Co-creation of sustainable solutions for Uruguayan dance”.

The Astur Foundation thanks the young researchers who
presented their work, Juan José Taccone, advisor of the
institution who was in charge of coordinating the Contest and,
especially, the four Academic Partners whose invaluable contribution made the development of this contest possible. initiative.

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