Call for Young people under 29 years old_URUGUAY+25 Project


Call for the participation of young people under 29 years of age to contribute to the project led by Cr. Enrique V. Iglesias to develop a prospective vision of the country and the ways to achieve it. Consultation call for young people under 29 years of age The Astur Foundation has undertaken a prospective study under the leadership of its president, Cr. Enrique V. Iglesias.

The Uruguay+25 project tries to elaborate a vision of the desirable Uruguay that it is possible to reach in the course of the next quarter of a century. The initiative comprises several activities, including thematic workshops, specialized studies and consultations.

This call for consultation is addressed exclusively to young people born after 1985, who wish to share with the Astur Foundation their vision of what is desirable and possible for our country in any of the economic, cultural, political and social aspects, and what measures can be proposed to achieve such objectives. As an example, some of the questions we try to answer are: What kind of education does our country need? How to achieve it? How to deepen democracy? What path must be followed to have a more equitable country? How to advance in regional integration? What role can Uruguay play in the international community? What is the optimal management of our natural and energy resources? What transformations in the organization of the State are desirable?

Contributions will be received by the Foundation through the email address: before July 15 of the current year, and must not exceed 12 pages.

All contributions will be read by the project team and the Astur Foundation may or may not incorporate, totally or partially, the proposed initiatives, without giving rise to a counterpart or particular obligation towards the author, considering any text a contribution to reflection on our country.

The Astur Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that aspires to support agreed national policies for the benefit of vulnerable sectors and to contribute to reflection on crucial issues in the national and international debate. For more information contact: Tel: 26223096



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