“It is not about humanizing others, but that I have to be and live humanly in order to transmit humanity”

Humanizing is something more profound and complex than a set of interventions that teach techniques. To humanize is to lead in the development of programs that cover the different material needs, as well as to influence the autonomy of people and respect for the values, ideas and beliefs of each one of them. Humanizing constitutes the commitment to consider the person as a whole. You need training in the intelligence of the heart, skills to enter the personal and particular world of the people you want to accompany. Identify problems and needs as well as meanings, own resources, skills and values ​​that allow them to be the main protagonist of the process.
ASTUR, together with the Center for Health Humanization, has trained technicians mainly for humanization, but also for the humanization of infrastructures, management of organizations, and dissemination of the culture of humanization. The ultimate goal being the well-being of the people it serves and collaborates with.

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