Our Founder

Enrique V. Iglesias

Iberoamerican Secretary General

A decade ago, together with a group of friends, I begun reflecting of how to leave the country a modest contribution, regarding its problems and decided on a Foundation committed to the material and spiritual wellbeing of its citizens.

Cr. Iglesias

ASTUR FOUNDATION was created with my support, close friends and institutions motivated by the same objectives. I baptized it with the name ASTUR in memory of my native land, Asturias, where I was born, and from where I arrived with my family. Here I found a generous society that offered me education, job opportunities and limitless support. But,above all, the affection of so many good friends.

I had to define a useful objective for this new adventure and I did it on two fronts: helping the country to think its social and economic future and the well being of a preferential assistance of its elders, fundamental piller of our society.

In our first objective, we were able to contribute and continue doing so, studies regarding Uruguay’s future, find academic or political personalities and forums to openly debate Ideas and opinions.

In the second objective, we begun getting involved in the big challenges of the future of the wellbeing of our Elders. A group where Uruguay has occupied the first place in Latin-America in its concern and attention to its physical and spiritual wellbeing. That group will continue growing in number and life expectancy, forming a very important social group in our society. Contributing to their wellbeing and happiness is the duty and compromise that all Uruguayans should follow.

We must think how to open doors to growing old so that who wishes to dedicate time and above all, accumulated experience can do so, to continue building the country.

The Foundation is a modest institution where its fundamental contribution is thinking of how to foment and explore opportunities for actively ageing.

From its analysis we hope to generate initiatives to put forward to the Government, Departments and Municipalities who are compromised with the elderly. Equality we aspire to continue motivating private donors of different origins, locally and internationally, institutions and governments who not only are resources but also explore experiences in other countries in contributing to their wellbeing.

The future of humanity has to prepare itself for the growing number of elderly people as a result of the life expectancy of its inhabitants. Uruguay has among its best traditions, recognizing its political debt that all societies have toward its elders. Continuing strengthening its attention in different possible ways, should be present and a compromise of every Uruguayan and its governments. ASTUR FOUNDATION has been and will continue to compromise its objectives with its actions in the collective construction on the future of our society.

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