Active Aging

For active aging and postponing dependency situations, it is necessary for them to be able to access services focused on this population, which are not sufficiently developed and available.

Implementation of Reference Centers for Active Aging (CREA), conceived as physical spaces (located in the center of the community) that aim to redefine the role of older people and promote their integration, motivating them to leave their homes and perform new activities that strengthen their cognitive abilities. and physical abilities, and their social ties. The CREAs, with proven methodology through technical cooperation with the IDB, will promote active aging by offering activities in different areas of interest, formats and frequency: social and cultural activities, physical and cognitive exercises, interaction with their community and intergenerational participation. The centers also offer advice to the families of the participants in promoting the autonomy of the elderly, providing them with support in their evolution towards moderate dependency.

Design of tailored projects for the implementation of programs aimed at active aging, adapted to the characteristics of the target population and the organization (use of technology, family gardens, nutrition, physical exercise, recreation, workshops on various topics, entrepreneurship, information on rights, health, others).

Design and implementation of comprehensive stimulation resources for older people living in the community, through Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Audiovisual capsules, with an interdisciplinary approach, aimed at improving the quality of life of older people living in the community through audiovisual activities for cognitive, psycho-affective, social stimulation and general physical conditioning.